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bitvisitor earn bitcoins

BitVisitor, earn Bitcoins watching websites

BitVisitor gives you free bitcoins after you input your Bitcoin address, solve a verbal captcha, check out a website during 5 minutes and click a green "Next" button. You'll receive 80µ? every time you do this.

When the countdown of 5 minutes ends, you may enter a new verbal captcha and check out a new website as long as BitVisitor allows you. If there are no more websites for you to check out, it will tell you to try again later.

To be able to sign up in BitVisitor you will need a BitCoin Wallet as CoinBase

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Quick info about BitVisitor

Company name BitVisitor Cashout 80µ฿ Pay for visiting PTC - paid to click
Alexa Traffic Rank 507 Currency ฿ Pay for Registering no 
Online since 2014 Transfer BTC Wallet Pay for Purchasing no
Forum Yes Check No check beruby Others no
Whois +info Paypal/Alertpay no transfers payment in neobux Referrals 1 level of referrals
    Countries International    


BitVisitor detailed information

In BitVisitor, your payments are almost instantaneous. Once you've clicked on the green "Next" button after the countdown, you'll receive your bitcoins usually one minute later. They send their payments once each 24 hours.

Best strategy

  • Create a new Bitcoin address only to receive bitcoins from BitVisitor. This way you can assure yourself that they are actually paying you.
  • Bookmark the site and have your Bitcoin address easily accesible.
  • When you get up, visit the site, paste your Bitcoin address, solve the captcha and start browsing the websites it shows you. Since there's no possibility to know whether there are new websites for you to check out, do this several times during the day. I personally do it when I get up, after lunch and right before going to sleep.
  • Remember you must press on the green Next button to receive your bitcoins; if you wait for the countdown to end but don't do this you'll receive nothing.
  • Reload the captcha if it has difficult to read letters, such as capital "i" or non-capital "L".
  • You don't really have to browse the websites. You could have them on one tab of your browser while you wait for the countdown to end doing other things on other tabs. However, some sites contain good information, so don't dismiss them automatically.


Site review

  • Expected profit: 5/5. I've managed to earn up to 1600µ฿ on a single day. However, on other ocassions I only got around 600µ฿. I guess it depends on how much advertisers are paying. Still, it's a big sum.
  • Convenience: 2/5. Solving captchas and waiting for the countdown to end in case the websites you get have little content or contain canned boredom is tiresome. The main website in general is pretty slow as well.
  • Payment speed: 5/5 2/5. One minute after you click the green button you'll have 80µ฿ more. Update 1, 07/03/2013: They have been sending their payments once each 24 hours for several days in a row, so they must have changed the way they process them. Still, I won't change their overall score because this website is the most stable of all the free bitcoins sites I've reviewed.
  • Risk: 0/5. None. You get free bitcoins for checking out websites.
  • Referrals: Bitvisitor offers a 50% profit sharing affiliate program! You can earn 50% of total profit everytime someone you refer visits one of our advertiser's sites!
    They offer theirr affiliates lifetime referrals! You will continue to receive 50% commission everytime a visitor you referred returns to Bitvisitor and uses the same bitcoin address!
  • Final Score: 9/10. BitVisitor gives you a decent amount of free bitcoins for visiting some websites. The countdown time is a bit too much for most of the sites it advertises, but still, you can't get a potentially higher quantity of your favourite cryptocurrency for free anywhere else.


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