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myiyo, earn money with paid surveys

Myiyo, make money with online surveys

Myiyo.com is a survey site that has their payment means set as points, but it does not mean that you cannot earn money online with surveys through them.

Survey jobs from home are a nice way to earn a little extra money in the month and can be a nice supplement to another form of income; and can be redeemed for cash. You can earn money with your opinion; by collecting points for every survey you take, which you can then redeem for cash. Your knowledge can help improve products, because your participation supports companies and governments in their decisions on improvements of products and services.

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Quick info about Myiyo

Company name Myiyo Cashout 10$ Pay for visiting No check
Alexa Traffic Rank 125,020 Currency $ / € / £ Pay for Registering No check
Online since 1998 Transfer Transfer Pay for Purchasing No check
Forum Forum Check Transfer Pay for surveys Make more money
Whois +info Paypal/Alertpay No check Referrals No check
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Myiyo detailed information

Payout: Once you have collected at least 20,000 points (which corresponds to 20 Euros) you can request a payout via Paypal.

Limitations: Membership is limited to one user account per person in order to make sure a single person does not participate multiple times in the same survey.

How to participate in a Survey: On average surveys consists of around 20 questions and take around 12 minutes to complete. They can invite you to surveys once you have activated your email-address and completed the profile questionnaire. You will receive an email once a new survey becomes available for you. 

How to Join: The membership is completely voluntary and FREE. There are no hidden fees. On the contrary, Myiyo panel members receive money from them as a reward for participating in surveys

Payment Information

Payment means: Points.

Amount per survey: Amount earned depends on length of surveys, but could be between 1,000 and 10,000 points.

Minimum required: 20,000 points. 1,000 points is equal to one Euro.

How do you get paid: PayPal, Payments can also be requested per bank transfer in South Africa and Russia. You can also choose to donate your earnings to charity.

When do you get paid: Payments made at the beginning of the following month of claim.

Sign up bonus: 600 points after registration and completing profile survey.

Other information: It is a sign of a classy company when they make alternative means for payment because of problems that individuals from certain countries have with receiving payments through PayPal, such as in the case of South Africa and Russia.

Survey Details

How you get notified: Receive notification from Myiyo per e-mail of available surveys. Also when logging into your account under the Surveys tab

Frequency of surveys: How frequently you get surveys differs from person to person, and depends on your profile and demographics. I receive about 6 survey notifications per month and some months even more.

Survey Lengths: Depends on the length of the survey, but usually stated as between 5 and 25 minutes.

Type of Surveys available: Online surveys.

How often do you qualify: It is unlikely that you will qualify for all surveys that you are invited to, so it does happen that you get rejected for surveys that you are invited to. I personally qualify for half or sometimes more of the surveys that I am invited to, and that is because I sometimes don’t get to a survey in time.

Other information: Just like on other sites, it is important to complete your profile to enhance your chances to receive survey invitations. The one negative thing on this site is that the survey invitations don’t stay open very long, so you have to check your emails regularly.


Registration with Myiyo is free and easy. The normal sign up process of a user name and password is required, and after activating your email address you will start receiving survey invitations per email. The company also has a good customer service, which makes this site very attractive to join.

A nice aspect of this survey site is how you are able to see all your previous surveys that you completed and also those you did not qualify for. This appears on the ‘Surveys’ tab, and here you can keep track of the points you were awarded and those which are yet tobe confirmed.

Another aspect of this site is the community or social feel of the site, through which you can chat with people all over the world, and in your own country. Here you can find friends and even maybe a romantic interest.

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