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GiftHunterClub review, earn money online

Gift Hunter Club is not that different from many GPTs, but what I do like it for is its simplicity. You earn by completing offers/tasks, watching videos and completing surveys. That’s it.

One of the other things I like about the site is its design. It’s bright, uncluttered and has cool graphics. I just find it makes using the site easier.

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Quick info about GiftHunterClub

Company name GiftHunterClub Cashout 2$ Pay for visiting PTC - paid to click
Alexa Traffic Rank 68,917 Currency $ Pay for Registering Sign up
Online since 2011 Transfer no Pay for Purchasing no
Forum no Check no Others Make more money
Whois +info Paypal/Payza Paypal beruby Referrals 1 level of referrals
    Countries International    



GiftHunterClub detailed information

Initial Review and Impression:  I came across Gift Hunter Club via an email advising me that this site, originally launched in Spain, was accepting US members. I joined right before the holidays but didn’t have any time to really sit down and look it until after the New Year.

For those who are already members of sites such as SwagBucks, GiftHulk, and others, this site layout will be very familiar. There are many easy ways to rack up points. They have the usual daily surveys, an offer wall with as of right now ten different affiliated rewards sites offering the standard lineup of surveys, paid videos, PTSU offers and trials. They have their own separate paid video section, and are also Crowdflower affiliates, making this another good MTurk alternative. They offer reward points for making a Facebook, forum, Twitter or blog post, as well as offering points for posting payment proof.

They have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a blog and newsletter, for keeping up with news.

If you’ve got time to add another earning site to your daily routine, this looks like another fast and easy earner.

International members? US, UK, Spain, France, Canada and Australia right now.


Quick data 

  • Payout : 2 $
  • Members count : between 10 000 and 100 000
  • Average referral rate : 15%
  • Average profit by action : 0 $
  • Available offers per day : 20
  • Payment solutions : paypal, payza, wwo, xboxlive, amazon.com , Payza, Paypal
  • Main currency : $
  • Language : english

How much do they pay?

The amount of money you earn totally depends on the amount of work you do. Your tasks determine your earnings. You need to do as many tasks as you can just to earn money. An average earning at Gift Hunter Club revolves around £7 per week. Once you get tasks up to £7, you get paid for it instantly. What people love about Gift Hunter Club is that they get paid really fast.

Other things you can request…

Amazon vouchers and game cards. You need more points for those though.

How long payment takes…

1-3 working days. However, on the occasions I requested mine, I received them the next day.


Other things about Gift Hunter Club

- When you’re in the Earn Points section, there’s a pink strip with text across it that tells you how many points are left before you can redeem. I find it useful.

- The entire site can be used in English, Spanish, French or Polish.

- You might find some bits of text are in Spanish even when you’re in the English version of the site. Though I don’t know a word of Spanish, I seem to understand those words. E.g., Referidos likely means Referrals. It would be good for the site to make the English site entirely English though.

- Gift Hunter Club’s on Facebook and Twitter.

Referral program

Yes, pays a percentage of referral’s earnings two levels deep. They also have special promotion bonus for every 50 active referred users.

Sign up Bonus

You either receive 10 points or 100 points when you join. Depends on where you’re based. If you’re in the UK, US, Canada or Australia, you get 100 points. Other countries: 10 points.

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