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Bux-matrix is a “BUX” site powered by a 3×12 Forced Matrix. A “BUX” is a Paid to click program where advertisers purchase paid links and members are paid to click on those links. This kind of websites still attract an incredible amount of people. There are millions of people who are already joining such programs and earning small amounts of income.

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Quick info about buxmatrix

Company name bux-matrix Cashout 2$ Pay for visiting Make more money
Alexa Traffic Rank _ Currency $ Pay for Registering no
Online since 2008 Transfer no Pay for Purchasing no
Forum no Check no Others Make more money
Whois +info Paypal/Alertpay Paypal beruby Referrals 2 level of referrals
    Countries International    



Buxmatrix detailed information

Bux-Matrix is quite innovative as it is a revolutionary mix of "Bux" and "Forced Matrix" which cannot be found in any other PTC. It is co-administered by WF3D themselves which makes it even more trustful and powerful. With the Forced Matrix System, the earning potential in Bux-Matrix is unlimited. It uses a 3*12 $1,000,000 Forced Matrix i.e. you will be paid 12 levels deep and so you can earn upto $1,000,000 just by referring 3 people to Bux-Matrix who enters the Forced Matrix. The cost to enter Forced Matrix is only $12 (one time fee) which also includes lifetime Gold Membership, 2 months upgrade (worth $8) and 400 Advertising Points (worth $5). So it is not only recommended to join it but its Strongly Recommended to upgrade also to secure your position in the Matrix. Also as it is a forced matrix, so even if you can't get referrals then your referrers are there to help you and for reverse case you can help your referrals to get their downline (which will ultimately benefit you up to the 12th level).

Payout - low minimum payout

The Bux earnings and Matrix earnings are calculated and paid separately. The minimum payout for Bux or PTC section is $2 which is paid within 7 days according to TOS but usually it takes less than 72 hours to be paid, while for Matrix section the payouts are done weekly and you will be paid automatically once you reach $5. The payment processor used for payments is Alertpay (for both payments from Bux-Matrix and for purchases)

How much money can I make?

As a free member you get paid $0.005/click and $0.0025/referral click. As an upgraded member you get paid $0.01/click and $0.005/referral click. Also as a free member you earn $0.50 when you referrals upgrade and as an upgraded member you receive $2 every time your referrals upgrade.
You also receive as an upgraded member $0,05 for every referral you bring to the system that is active for at least 30 days.
Every time you refer an advertiser you are paid 5% of what they invest as a free member and 20% as an upgraded member.

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